Installation Flashing Details

Comply with the "Installation Masters" standard manufacturers’ specifications and recommendations for installation of window units, hardware, operators, accessories and other window components.

Opening panels must be closed and locked during installation. Windows must be installed level, plumb and square with 1/4" clearance on all sides and with weep holes at bottom. Anchor securely in place. Shim as required.

Headers must not be nailed. Nail through fin into framing along sides and base while staying 4" from corners. At the head, finishing nails may be placed 1/2 inch above fin and bent down over fin to allow for header deflection. Full support is required along entire length of sill.

Operating sash and hardware should fit tight at contact points and weatherstripping.

Use bituminous paper or gasket material on sill for patio doors installed on concrete.

Set sill members and other members in a bed of compound or with joint fillers or gaskets to provide weathertight construction. Fillers and gaskets to be installed concurrently with window units.

Click the links below to download information such as specifications and AutoCAD files:

Jambs (PDF | DWG | DXF)

Head-Sill (PDF | DWG | DXF)