AMSCO Windows® offers a variety of muntin systems to help achieve the right balance between beauty, ease of maintenance and affordability.

Muntin options include:

  • 5/8" Flat
  • 3/4" Sculptured
  • 1" Sculptured
  • 1" Simulated Divided Light
  • 1-1/8" Simulated Divided Light


Style Profile Muntin Placement Available
5/8" Flat Between the glass All Lines
3/4" Sculptured Image coming soon Between the glass Studio
1" Sculptured Between the glass Artisan, Renaissance
1" Simulated Divided Line Applied to exterior and interior Artisan Series
1-1/8" Simulated Divided Lite Applied to exterior and interior Renaissance Series


(Single Hung window illustrated below)

Patterns Illustration Patterns Illustration
Regular Perimeter
Border Craftsman


* 5/8" standard muntins are same as exterior color

* 5/8" two-tone muntins optional (exterior color choice with white interior)

* Refer to size pages for muntin pattern illustrations in specific window styles