Sound Control Windows

Reduce noise, save energy, enjoy peace of mind.

Serenity™ Series sound control windows are designed to reduce unwanted noise originating from the exterior of the home and provide great energy performance. Sound problems in the home can occur from many sources including the close proximity to transportation areas like busy highways or freeways, rail lines and airports as well as neighbor kids playing and dogs barking. While installing sound control windows won’t eliminate all noises, these problems can be greatly diminished, providing you with a more comfortable home environment in which to live, work and play.

How does a sound window work?

In spite of all the technological advances, the two most important elements for reducing sound penetration in windows remain relatively simple: Glass and Air.

Adding glass and dead air space in between the glass is still the most effective way of controlling noise. Simply altering the thickness of the glass and the amount of air space between each glass pane changes the window’s sound transmission loss capabilities and its corresponding STC rating.

Sound windows are most commonly referred to by their Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. STC is a single-number rating of a material’s or an assembly’s ability to resist airborne sound transfer at the frequencies 125-4000 Hz. The frequencies 125-4000 Hz is consistent with the frequency range of speech.

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