No matter the view, enjoy the Vista.

The Vista window has found the crossroads of energy efficiency and affordability. These windows are ideal for those who seek the ultimate price conscious window paired with an offering of the most common options. The view is better with the Vista.

  Download the Vista Flyer (PDF)


Interlocking Panels

Interlocking panels and high-performance weather stripping provide increased protection against wind and water.

Integral Nail Fin

A standard integral nail fin with 1 inch set-back for new construction.

Multiple Hollow Chambers

Strategically placed chambers provide greater insulation and strength to the window.

Fusion-Welded and Mitered Corners

Adds strength and improves protection against air leakage.

Insulated Glass

A 3/4 or 7/8 inch insulating unit includes a warm-edge spacer for increased resistance to heat transfer and sweating.

Nylon Rollers

Adjustable, tandem nylon rollers provide a smooth, easy operation. Available on the horizontal slider model only.